Job advertisments:


- Steel bender (m/f)    –   several workers

- Carpenter (m/f)         –   several workers

- Miner (m/f)                –   several workers

- Geologist (m/f)          –    several workers

- Surveyor (m/f)           –   several workers

- Mining engineer (m/f) – several workers

- Construction engineer (m/f) – several workers


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SKLADGRADNJA Ltd is a company with a simple, flexible organization and adjustable changes in a dinamic surrounding which we all are part of.
Our priority is to ensure continuous professional growth for our employees in accordance with the needs of our company as well as the employees’ needs. Hence, there are lots of internal features which provide individual growth and development.
Information is easily accesible to employees so they can make decisions easily and communicate effectively.
We exchange knowledge and ideas inside the company and we encourage the culture of learning and  acquiring knowledge in order to improve our employees’ competence.
Our employees are considered the most precious part of the company, they are a priority and an engine towards new achievements on the market.


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