Since 1997 Skladgradnja Ltd, as part of  a core process of ship building, has performed production and hull assembly.
Building ship’s hull consists of assembling several dozens to several hundreds of sections of the slipway, depending on its size.
The sections posses certain geometrical and technical characteristics depending on the part of the ship (ballast tanks, cargo tanks, engine room, superstructure etc.)



Since 2004 Skladgradnja Ltd. has performed corrosion pretection works in shipyards Brodosplit and Brodotrogir. Those works include surface preparation and painting on the poligon, slipway and outfitting coast.
Corrosion protection depends on customer’s demands ie. the surface preparation level, application mode according to technical or technological documentation and the  part of the ship (shell, ballast tanks, cargo tanks, engine room, superstructure on the inside or outside or the main deck).